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Welcome to SME Business Magazine, Gloucestershire!

What's it all about?

A new publication available in both print and on-line, FREE to all readers. The aim of the magazine is to offer B2B information, advice and a platform to promote SMEs in Gloucestershire. The A4 format is set out to be a helpful, positive, B2B resource offering genuine, dip-in/dip-out business advice, for the reader to leave with useful, exacting business tips armed ready to make a difference.  Importantly, this resource, we hope, acts as business collaboration with contacts and a useful business directory on where to go to get help or advice. The aim is also to demonstrate the wealth and diversity of the business sectors and channels in Gloucestershire.

We hope you enjoy reading and discovering the range of businesses operating, right here, throughout this glorious 'shire - it's astounding!

"One of our subscribers immediately saw the value of Rita’s contributory article and organised for it to be circulated to all staff members as a must read! "


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